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Seriously, who are these people?

We don't know either...


Thank you for voting Grumish Chiropractic as your favorite local chiropractor in Yes! Magazine's 2015 Ladies Choice Awards.  We are honored by the vote of confidence and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family.

You have our vote for best patient!

You can check out the full July issue here for a complete listing of winners in all categories.

2015 Ladies Choice Winner

Chiropractic Ad: January 15th ed Daily Journal

Did you see this great ad from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress when it appeared in our very own Daily Journal? 

Click HERE to see a full size color PDF of this beautiful ad.

Chiropractic On Youtube:

A Rock Star Among Athletes -



Dr. Grumish In The Paper!

Click here to view PDF of the newspaper clipping



Know Your Insurance Changes

Please read below if your insurance has joined the American Specialty Health Network (ASH):

Insurance Carriers and ODS: Beginning of the End?

By Editorial Staff

Although most chiropractors may not have heard of the term organized delivery system (ODS), most doctors readily recognize the names Triad Healthcare, American Health Specialty Network (ASHN), OptumHealth and other entities licensed as an ODS.

Recent legal headlines have brought to light that the carrier-ODS relationship may be teetering, under pressure from regulators, doctors, patients and legislators for questionable practices that have been negatively impacting chiropractic care. Here's a sampling of some of the major ODS players impacting chiropractic patients and providers, including a synopsis of some of their dubious tactics challenged in court by the chiropractic profession over the past several years...

...continue reading at the link below: 

Please click the link below to learn more about the upcoming changes that may take place with your BCBS coverage:

Upcoming Changes with BCBS Insurance

*(Update: This change has been changed to October 2013)

Check out our ChiroHealthUSA tab above for a discounted insurance membership option!



Dr. Schroer was pictured in the local paper for donating the money he raised for the local Lutheran Social Services while participating in the "Kankakee Dancing with the Stars"