Lower Back Pain

Case Study: Mary

Initial Complaint: Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain Relief

Mary came to Grumish Chiropractic to find relief from her lower back pain.  Mary found relief not only from her pain but also from a chronic sinus condition that had followed her through childhood!

For three years, Mary had a catch in her lower back that resulted in shooting pain all the way down her leg.  She had additional issues with her upper leg the prevented her from being able to stand without a great deal of pain.

Before coming to us, Mary had unsuccessfully tried to alleviate the problem with daily pain pills and attempts at exercise. 

“I didn’t want to do anything,” Mary said when asked how these drugs made her feel. 

Mary was referred to Grumish Chiropractic by a friend and was encouraged by her partner to make an appointment with Dr. Schroer. 

Since then, Mary has found relief from her back problem and no longer has any issues with her leg!

With regular chiropractic adjustments, natural adult sinus support supplements, and X-lear nasal spray, Mary’s sinus condition has since cleared up.  Even better, Mary’s Grumish Chiropractic protocol doesn’t leave her fatigued like she used to experience with frequent antibiotics and sinus/allergy pills.

“I feel great and I’m back to doing gardening and yard work.”

We would like to thank Mary for taking charge of her recovery and sharing her story.  We are honored to be a part of her journey.  We would also like to thank Shelly for referring Mary to us.

If you know someone like Mary that can benefit from chiropractic and natural care, please let them know about Mary’s story. 

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