Name: Charles

Complaint:  Numbness

Relief from Numb Hands

Meet Charles.

Charles is one of our longstanding patients.  Charles had been having trouble with circulation and feeling in his hands that prompted his most current care case with us. 

“Both of my hands were numb and I lost my motor skills. I could not even write my name….it’s really bad when you can’t use your hands.”

Charles’ physician initially prescribed heat and ice compresses plus Vicodin and Extra Strength Tylenol.  This treatment plan didn’t help Charles.  He was also rightly concerned about taking them because of how hard these drugs are on the liver.  Charles had been dealing with the persistent numbness for over a month.

“The doctor wanted me to do an MRI.  That is when I went to Dr. Schroer.  Dr. Schroer is a great chiropractor with gifted hands. I am back to normal thanks to him.”

Charles has found relief through chiropractic care and we are so glad to be a part of his success.  We are also very thankful that Charles was referred to us many years ago.

 “My uncle told me about [Grumish Chiropractic], so I made an appointment.  The first time was in the late 70’s.  I had hurt my shoulder and they fixed me.”

If you know someone like Charles that can benefit from chiropractic and natural care, please let them know about Charles' story.

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