Neck Pain

Name: Jennifer

Major Complaint: Neck Pain and Nutrition

Neck pain

My main problem has always been with my neck, as well as sore muscles in my shoulders and back.  I think my neck problems originated with an accident in 3rd grade.  After winning a drawing at Fitness Premier I had a nutritional consultation and have been a fan of Dr.Grumish ever since.  I was taking a heart medication and have discontinued use.  I tried chiropractic because I want a natural way of healing instead of being tied to medications.  I always feel a little taller and so relaxed after my visits!  Dr.Grumish consults my chart with every adjustment.  I look forward to each appointment, not only because of Dr. Grumish, but his entire staff.  It is a warm and caring environment I enjoy being a part of.  I am currently a chiropractic and nutritional patient and I thoroughly enjoy my visits!  My results are ongoing relief and help with my stress.  I think the best thing I can do for a long and healthy life is to continue chiropractic care. Simple"