Name: Doree

Main Issue: Migraines


I was taking lots of different over the counter drugs, allergy medications, migraine medications, and even went to see my doctor who prescribed many other medications. One for depression because he said it was also known to help chronic headache sufferers. It was 2 years of interfering with everyday tasks. Tasks such as; being a mom to 2 girls, getting housework or shopping done, and having to call off of work. I was nausea all of the time, cranky and bedridden. I wanted to try something more natural and healthier. Dr. Grumish came into Fitness Premier and I just wanted to give him a shot to see what he thought. Now I have more energy and work out better with no pressure in my head! I may get a headache once a month if at all! I can function now in my everyday life. I don't go to bed with a headache or wake up with one the next day anymore!