Maintenance Works

Case Study: James

Initial Complaint: Shoulder/Back Pain

Meet James our star maintenance patient

In 1974, James hurt his back and shoulder while unloading mattresses from a semi.  James describes the pain between his shoulder blades as an “8 on a scale of 10”.  The pain would last for 3 days at a time, during which his movement was very limited and he wasn’t able to work.

It didn’t stop there. Like clockwork, the pain would come back three to four times a year. During each of his “three day adventures with pain”, James would miss work and have to limit his movements very carefully in order to manage the pain.

This was James’ routine from 1974 until he first came to see us at Grumish Chiropractic in 2008.

“My wife went to Grumish and had good results.  She convinced me to try after one of my 3 day adventures with pain.”

James is a testament to the effectiveness of chiropractic since treatments “stopped the pain.”  He also credits routine maintenance care with keeping him pain-free after all these years.

“The maintenance program I’m on, I believe, keeps me going without the pain.  I have not had a three-day pain deal since we do the maintenance program.”

We are thankful that James shared his story with us.  We are also thankful that James acted on his wife's referral. 

If you know of someone like James, please share his story with them so that they can also experience the benefits of chiropractic care.