Name: Nancy

Main Issue: Nutrition

NancyDucharme_1.JPGI was told by my doctor that I had a serious kidney disease. He was going to put me on medicine that I would have had to take for the rest of my life. I was very afraid, especially since my husband died from a kidney disease. Not only that but 8 months ago I was in the hospital with pneumonia. Usually with the cold weather I have asthma attacks. I started taking supplements recommended by Grumish Chiropractic at the beginning of December for both the cold weather and the kidney problems. Two weeks later I had another appointment with my MD who was astonished at the results of my kidney test. All of my tests were clean!! My MD doesn't believe in supplements and when he asked me what I'd been doing and I told him about the supplements he didn't know what to say. But he did hug me and tell me Merry Christmas and to keep up with what I'm doing. Praise the Lord for my good results!!